If the full plans are printed on 8.5"x11" paper, the details are difficult to read. Below are the plans split up and arranged to give optimal printing results on such printers. Each plan is split up into a left and right half.

To print out one of these plans:

1) Download the left and right halves.
2) Print each half on 8.5"x11" (or even better 8.5"x14") paper, in landscape mode.
3) Tape the two halves together (after trimming away the excess paper on one of the halves). This will result in plans approximately 8.5"x22" (or 8.5"x28" if legal size paper was used).

Rigging plan (left) 143K GIF Rigging plan (right) 143K GIF
Boat deck (left) 79K GIF Boat deck (right) 72K GIF
Promenade (A) & Bridge (B) decks (left) 152K GIF Promenade (A) & Bridge (B) decks (right) 138K GIF
Shelter (C) & Saloon (D) decks (left) 220K GIF Shelter (C) & Saloon (D) decks (right) 220K GIF
Upper (E) & Middle (F) decks (left) 239K GIF Upper (E) & Middle (F) decks (right) 210K GIF
Lower (G) & Orlop decks (left) 180K GIF Lower (G) & Orlop decks (right) 147K GIF
Titanic half section 169K GIF